Types Of Whiskey Glasses

alkogol-620x349There is no single significant glass that the history of whiskey could call its own. Brandy, wine, champagne all have unique glass to be served in it. But whiskey was served in rock glass to the modern glasses present today, almost in anything that can be shaped like a drinking glass. There are different types of glasses in which whiskey is served nowadays. The glass manufacturers show significant interest in producing the best whiskey glasses for the best drinking experience.

As stated in www.thewhiskyexchange.com, glassware is often designed to look beautiful on a table. But there certain glasses that will maximize the drinking pleasure. The shape, weight and the material of a drinking vessel may increase the pleasure of drinking both in good and bad ways. There are varied ranges of drinkers, so whether on the rocks or neat, hated or loved to drink, a right type of whiskey glass is needed for the right drinker. The types of glasses to choose from are as below,

The rocks and the old fashioned glasses are very similar and sometimes are interchanged in terms. Whether a person neat, on the rock, or on cocktails like the “old fashioned” from which it gets its name, these glasses get the job done. Design wise they are all-utility, trading the straight sides, a wide brim allows the aroma when pouring into it and a super thick base to handle missed and muddled cocktails.

The Shot glass
This type of glass is used for quick ingestion of the liquor. These glasses are meant for some people who love the experience of being in a bar or social event. There is no enjoyment of the aroma or the rich taste; it’s just a shot of whiskey. With a thick base, convenient for withstanding constant use, this shot glass is the most called-for glasses in the bars.

The Hi-ball or the Highball glass
This glass is meant for those who want a bitter and sour mix of whiskey. For a cocktail the high ball glass is preferred, as it has a simple, hard base and a taller space for ice and the drinks.

The Glen cairn glass
The snifter glass is used to drink whiskey without ice. These are for drinkers who love to have little variations of each pour. The wide tulip shaped brim helps in funneling the aroma to the nose and the stem helps to swirl, thereby allowing air into the drink enhancing the taste and smell of the liquor. It’s suitable for single malt whiskey and should be avoided for any mixed drinks.

The snifter glass
This classy glass is always preferred for brandy, but is often utilized with specialty whiskey glasses to do the same as Glen cairn glasses. The only difference is that the stem is little than that of a glen cairn.

The neat glass is designed to fade away the harsh smell of the liquor from the nose.

Each type of whiskey glass gives a different experience of drinking. The apt selection for the each occasion makes the drinking more enjoyable and fun filled.

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