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Are Containers Suitable To Grow Kratom Plant?

Kratom-Plant in container

Many herbs like lemongrass, Mexican sage and artichoke are grown in ceramic pots. Similarly, Kratom plant can also be grown in a container. This plant was initially discovered in the South East parts of Asia and Africa but now grow in many places all over the world. If you are looking for more explanation, then you are at the right place. A typical Kratom plant can grow up to fifty feet high and can spread as wide as fifteen feet. You can grow them in a container, but you have to constantly re-pot the plant to match its growth. Telegraph.co.uk gives you a clear idea about this. Here are some important things that you need to know about Kratom plant.

A tropical evergreen plant, Kratom is known for its dark and glossy leaves that keep shedding. The leaves are in the shape of an oval and grow mainly during the seasons of rain. The leaves are mostly shed during the drought seasons. They are likely to wither out even in case the temperature drops below its optimum temperature i.e. below forty degrees. The main growing conditions that are required to grow a healthy Kratom plants is rich, wet and fertile soil. The plant is sensitive to weather changes, and hence utmost care should be taken to keep the plant under ideal conditions. It cannot tolerate both drought and frost situations. In the United States, the ideal places to grow Kratom would be either Florida or South California. The wind could also alter the conditions of the place in which the Kratom plant grows. If you are growing these at home, you need to take proper care that there is enough humidity for the plant; even if you have to have a fan and a humidifier running only for the plant.

The Kratom plant can grow either from seed or a seedling. The seeds are usually small black, silver-colored ones, and you might need more numbers to ensure a proper germination. The seeds are to be propagated in highly fertile and rich soil. If you are getting a seedling of the plant, you can skip this process and go directly into the growing stage. If you are looking to grow the plant from cutting from another plant, they are more susceptible to get some disease and go down very easily. So the most convenient option is to get the seedling and make it grow.

Constant watering has to be done to make sure that the plant does not experience drought. Enough sunlight is also essential to have a good healthy plant. The sunlight should not be direct; rather a filtered sunlight should be ideal. There are two types of the Kratom plant that is available and can be identified by the vein color. The veins are green, red or white in color. The leaves with the green colored veins are the most commonly grown. Maintaining the ideal conditions for the plant on light, humidity and temperature are essential to have a healthy plant.