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Genuine Reviews For Lipogaine – Get To Know The Product!

lipogaine-regrow-hair-370x208When it comes to hair care and beauty products, there are uncountable products in the market. Some work and some do not; however, Lipogaine has gained a significant amount of publicity since its advent. It has different variants for both men and women. Lipogaine promised to help in the regrowth of hair with no side effects. Keeping aside the promises made, let us now read some of the reviews that have come from people who have actually used it. There are many brands of hair loss shampoo that contain minoxidil for men in today’s time. Increase in number of hair loss prevention shampoos has been reported by sites such as webmd.com.

One of our reviewer said that the solution seemed very greasy and sticky. This led her to quit using it any longer. It was hard to manage, as it made her scalp dry. After getting up in the morning she would notice bits of skin leaving her scalp, which was a dreadful thing to observe. Despite what promises the product made, she stopped using it. Some time ago, it also came in the news that Lipogaine has been receiving many fake reviews. Some of the e commerce websites stopped selling Lipogaine, completely. That was not all, as people started losing faith in the product.

Many people believed in the effectiveness of the product as it had minoxidil as one of its ingredients. Most of us are aware that minoxidil is an FDA approved ingredient that fights hair loss. However, the product actually needs to contain minoxidil and that too in the right ratio. Too much of it would do no good to the user’s scalp or hair. There is no need to be frustrated with the mixed reviews you must be finding on net. There are many other products in the market that can help reudce hair loss. Both men and women hair loss products are readily available.

In any case, it is best to use a product only after getting it prescribed from a doctor. A hair expert will help you find out the real reason for your hair loss. This will in return help the doctor find out what product you must use. There are different products that fight different reasons for hair loss. The reason is not always the same; hence the treatment ought to be different. Do not run behind a product only if it suited your friend. Get your hair quality checked, many times vitamin deficiencies lead to a problem.

Men can use products like Propecia, but women should never use it. Propecia can lead to birth related problems; hence it is very dangerous for women. Usually, women do not get a prescription for this drug. A product known as Provillius is another one in this category, but with many positive reviews. It has no side effects on men or women either. It is neither greasy, nor sticky. Provillus is not available in stores. If you are interested in using Provillus, order it online. You can avail a genuine product from its own website or other websites that sell it.