How To Use LED Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

LED Grow Lights

If you haven’t heard of LED grow lights before then, you may be a bit confused to find the light, which is perfect for your plants to grow. Many people grow cannabis indoors and to choose the right to grow light you can check online for led grow lights for cannabis reviews.

Many misunderstand the LED grow to light similar to that of increased pressure sodium setup in which the LED fixtures will be different in all aspects like shape, power and the heat load. Plants react differently to various colors of light, and you can select the best color using tips from . The LED grow light will be helpful as it saves you time and money making your crop to be the high-quality ones.

What Do You Grow
Before choosing the LED light, you should first choose the crop. Almost all the LED lights, which are sold, will be helpful in growing a plant from the seed. Few lights are designed only for specific plants and will not be greatly helpful for specifically grows. If you are looking to grow indoor flowering plants or fruits or vegetables then the best options would be TotalGrow, Cirrus LED and GE Lighting.

Growing Space Size
Based on the size of the growing space, the number of LED units can be purchased. The general rule of thumb would be to have a 32 watts LED light for every square foot of space used for growing flowering plants which needs more light.

If the growing space is 16 square feet, then you should plan to purchase at least 500 to 550 watts of growing light. This would be more appropriate to grow flowering cannabis in a constrained space. Only half of the above said watts is needed for vegetative growth.

Plants, which need less light like herbs and lettuces, will need about 11 to 18 watts for every square foot of growing space. This may vary based on the crop you grow and the light levels. The simplest way to calculate the watts is that 1 square feet of growing area will require at least 32 watts of wattage.

LED Grow Lights
If you have been following the article till now then you would have a rough idea on the brand of LED grow lights, crops to grow indoor and some watts needed for the growing space you have. There are many varieties of LED unit options available for you.

You may need a full cycle of LED light if you are planning to grow marijuana from the seed till you get flowers. The lights are mandatory for both vegging and blooming. There are specific lights designed for cannabis and for growing vegetables and flowers you need to follow different options like single channel lights, lights which have both vegging and blooming modes. In recent times you also get programmable lights like Kind LED, Cirrus LED which is feasible for setting light schedules, altering intensities and to customize spectrums.

The programmable lights are the most recent development which will be helpful for growing crops with less effort.

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